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Sub-Branch History


Sub-branch of the Semaphore & Port Adelaide RSSILA (now RSL) formed



August 14th



Bearing no names, but just the simple inscription, "In Memory of All Who Fell in the Great War, 1914-1918," the Semaphore Soldiers' Memorial will stand at the shore end of the jetty on the site lately occupied by the temporary memorial arch.


Selected from 25 designs, the chosen one is a massive granite clock tower, surmounted by a female figure representing Peace. This statue, carved from Italian marble, will stand life size.


The four-dialled clock, with faces 4 ft. in diameter, will be electrically driven. the current being supplied by a battery. From the ground to the top of the marble figure the height will be 36 ft. Below the clock face fronting the shore a large bronze laurel wreath will be attached to the stone column, and lower still the inscription will be carved on the granite.


The bottom step of the monument will be 16 ft. square, and the whole structure, with the exception of the statue, will he in grey granite from Harcourt, Victoria.


An energetic committee is in charge of the memorial fund. Mr. Allen Gower is chairman and Mr. Robert Fenwick  secretary. Already £700, sub-scribed by the Semaphore Carnival Committee is in hand toward the cost of the monument, which will be £1,875. The president of the fund is Mr. Henry  Slade, Mayor of Port Adelaide.


It is hoped to have the foundation stone laid before the end of the year, and when the contractor (Mr. J. E. Topham) commences work nine months should see the completion of the memorial.



The committee has set itself the task of raising £2,000. A social and dance in the Semaphore Town Hall last night resulted in a substantial sum being netted So great was the demand for admission that many had to be turned away.


An energetic band of women organisd the social. They were Mesdames J. F. Warren, sen., L. J. Ellis, and C. T. Todd (conveners), W. Heywood, E. O. Taylor, F. Finlay, F. Warren, A. Wallace. S. Fricker, H. M. Moss, R. Smyth, A. F. Ouston, W. Thomas, J. Syms, F. Dunn, J. Henley, H. Clogg. G. Pickett. J. Lambert. and Miss Corbett. They had the assistance of Messrs. J. F. L. Ellis, and C. T. Todd (secretary).


The hall presented a gay spectacle. The walls were appropriately draped with the flags of the Allies, while greenery and an electrically illuminated display on the stage, together with a lattice-designed roof of hundreds of colored streamers suspended in mnid-air gave a brilliant effect. The decoration arrangements were under the supervision of Mr. Ellis.


A varied programme of dances was provided, interspersed with musical items, and for those who did not dance card tables were placed on the stage. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Slade (Mayor and Mayoress of Port Adelaide) and other members of the council with their wives. The music was supplied by an orchestra, and those who contributed musical items were Misses M. Warren, M. Pirie, and Mr. and Mrs. Scotland.


Supper was served in the adjoining.Gymnasium hall, the whole of the provisions, which were home-made, being supplied by citizens.

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Tuesday 14 August 1923, page 5


19th March


SEMAPHORE MEMORIAL - Four Stones to be Laid

Semaphore carnival committee at its meeting last night decided that the foun dation stones of the soldiers' memorial be laid on Sunday, April 27. When com pleted this will be one of the finest monu ments to fallen soldiers in the State. The site selected is at the shore end of the jetty. It has been arranged that MIr. H. Slade (Mayor of Port Adelaide) will lay one of the corner stores on behalf of the citizens of the district, amd that the other three will be laid by Col. C. P. Butler, D.S.O., on behalf of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial League, Mrs. Magnus Wald on behalf of the parents of fallen soldiers, and Miss E. A. Sanders on behalf of the widows and orphans of fallen soldiers. Built of granite, the monument will have a four-faced clock and a white marble statue of peace. It will be a fine addi tion to Semaphore beach.
News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Wednesday 19 March 1924


27th April


Corner stone: This stone was laid by col. C. P. Butler D.S.O. On behalf of the Returned Sailors & Soldiers

Corner stone: This stone was laid by Mr. Magnus Wald on behalf of the parents of those who fell

Corner stone: This stone was laid by H. Slade ESQ. Mayor of Port Adelaide on behalf of the citizens

Corner stone: This stone was laid by Miss Edith A. Sanders on behalf of the widows & orphans of the fallen

November 22nd

The result of the appeal by the Returned Sailors'and Soldiers'Imperial League on Poppy Day, November 11, was very satisfactory, and £973 5/9 has been received. This is made up from sales of poppies in the city and suburbs, and several country towns. The various amount were:

Adelaide — New Adelaide, £78 19,-3 ;Imperial Corner,£39 19/2: City Chambers, £39 9/2; Grenfell-street, £41 2/10J; Beehive corner, £10 15/11 J: Railway-station, £39 10/8; Majestic, £.52 12.W: John Martins £34 10/114: Bank of Adelaide,£44 0/114: R.S.L. Club, £31 0/1: Gawler Place. £37 15'7: Bowman's Arcade, £44 1/4: G.P.0.£l9/11/4; Town Hall, £10 12,'1J; Onvham Corner, £29 fi/7: Salsbury Chambers, £14: Lawrance and Levy's Corne, £6S 0/9: Miller Andersons, £10 15/6; Kingston sub-branch. £7 11 Gawler, £7 5.': Woodville, £7 7/.Norwood. £13 1.1: Semaphore and Port, £33 13/: Prospect. £27: Port pirie, £5 11/: Kingston. £2 ; Unley, £8 /9; Whyalla.£2/ 10: Henley and Grange, £11 /4: Brinkworth, £3 14/: Burra, £18 s'; Spalding, £10 4/.

Other contributions from country sub-branches will probably be received.

Saturday 22 November 1924 The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931)


23rd May

SEMAPHORE MEMORIAL Unveiling Ceremony Tomorrow


Standing at the approach to the Sema phore Jetty the Fallen Soldiers' Memorial, which is to be unveiled tomorrow after noon by Lieut.-Col. L. O. Betts. O.B.E., is a handsome structure 27 feet high. The Carara marble figure of Peace, with outstretched wings and bearing an olive branch, is life size and surmounts a grey granite clock tower. On the eastern side of the monument there is a bronze tablet which bears the words, "In memory of all those who fell in the Great War. 1914 1919." Seventy tons of granite from the quarries at Harcourt (Victoria) were used in the structure, which was designed and built by Mr. I. Topham, of Norwood. The design was selected by exhaustive ballot from 30 submitted.

Some idea of the massiveness of the structure can be gathered from the fact that each of the two stones surmounting the clock weighs three tons. The suggestion that a clock should be incorporated in the memorial was made by Lieut.-Col. Betts, and was warmly supported by the committee. The clock has four dials each 4 ft. in diameter, with opal faces, which can be seen from a good distance. The mechanism is operated by electric bat teries, and the dials will be electrically illuminated at night. The clock cost £200.

For more than a year the memorial has been in course of erection, work having been delayed by floods at the quarries and shipping strikes. The cost will be about £1,950. With the object of ob taining the balance of this sum required contributions will be sought at the unveiling ceremony.

The memorial will be handed over to the Port Adelaide Corporation on behalf of the citizens. Flower beds and lawns will be planted about the base.

Responsible for its erection is the Semaphore Carnival and Sports Committee, of which Mr. Allen Gower has been chairman for 16 years. Secretaries during the period of planning and constructing the monument have been Messrs. E. Ellis, R. Fenwick, and J. S. Verran, while the committee has comprised Messrs. E. White, F. Warren, C. Rowett, P. Mes senger, W. Cummings, F. Barnes, H. Slade, C. Hayter, L. Zanka, A. McKay, P. Snadden, and J. Robinson. The women's committee includes Mesdames A. Gower, F. Warren, Ross, Stead, Smythe, and Forbes.

At the last meeting of the Port Adelaide City Council it was decided that on behalf of the citizens a wreath should be laid on the Semaphore fallen soldiers' memorial at the unveiling ceremony on Sunday. This will be done by Mr. A. O. R. Tapp (mayor).

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Saturday 23 May 1925



24th May


DESCRIPTION: An ornate clock tower with a white marble winged angel of peace is mounted on a three-tier cap. The cap is supported from the main pillar by four ionic columns. Contained within the pillars are clock dials  on all four faces. The main tower is of granite block construction. A bronze wreath and padlocked panel door are affixed to the face of the main pillar. Bronze plaques are affixed to the right face. The corner stones of the main pillar are engraved. The tower mounted on a three-tier base and concrete slab. The whole is set in pavers


Corner stone: This stone was laid by col. C. P. Butler D.S.O. On behalf of the Returned Sailors & Soldiers 27 APRIL 1924

Corner stone: This stone was laid by Mr. Magnus Wald on behalf of the parents of those who fell 27 APRIL 1924

Corner stone: This stone was laid by H. Slade ESQ. Mayor of Port Adelaide on behalf of the citizens 27 APRIL 1924

Corner stone: This stone was laid by Miss Edith A. Sanders on behalf of the widows & orphans of the fallen 27 APRIL 1924

Face: Bronze wreath

Door: In memory of all who fell in the great war. 1914-1919.

Back - Plaque:  Unveiled may 24th 1925. By lieut. Col. L. O. Betts O. B. E. President Semaphore & Pt. Adelaide Sub Branch R.S.&S.I.L. Of Aust. Designed & built by J.E. Topham. Chairman of committee monumentalist Allen Gower ESQ. J.P. Norwood

Right - Plaque: (added 2005)

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Crowd at the Unveiling Ceremony


May 20th


Soccer Organiser and Secretary Mr. R. Fenwick (secretary of the Metropolitan Soccer League) is one of the most popular and best-known men in the game. He first became prominent as secretary of the old Semaphore Club. He has also acted as secretary for Port. Believing that union is strength, he brought about the amalgamation of the seaside clubs. He is a. most capable officer, and a fine organiser, and the league is fortunate in having his services.

Mr. Fenwick believes in members assisting clubs with their ability as players and also from a financial stand point. It was at his instigation that the players' benefit fund doubled the subscriptions. This enables the association to give injured players greater assistance.

Mr. Fenwick has other activities besides soccer. He was secretary of Semaphore Carnival Committee, and assisted in the raising of £1.500 toward the memorial for soldiers at the Semaphore.

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Thursday 20 May 1926, page 13



November 2nd

On Sunday evening, a special Peace day service will be conducted at the Semaphore Baptist Church by the Rev. C. W. Johnson. The members of the Port Adelaide City Council, the Semaphore and Port Adelaide sub-branch of the R.S.L, and Boy Scouts' Association have been invited to attend.

Wednesday 2 November 1927 The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931)


December 9th


Newly appointed secretary of the Semaphore Illuminated Carnival Committee. During the war he served in the Australian Field Artillery. In the past fouir years he has been prominent in the activities of Semaphore and Port Adelaide sub-branch of the Returned and Soldiers' Imperial League. He.was assistant secretary to the last carnival committee.
News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Friday 9 December 1927, page 1



January 23rd




Alderman J. H. Clouston 'chairman of the Semaphore Carnival Committee) is asking the Mayor of Port Adelaide (Mr. F. J. Brown) to Open the carnival



Febuary 3rd


One of the leaders of Semaphore sporting 'activities is Mr. Hurbert  Hilgendorf, Born 27 - years ago, Mr. Hilgendorf is a son of Mr. H. Hilgendorf, of Port Adelaide. He was educated at Lefevre'sPeninsula Public School.


The Semaphore athlete was one of the youngest members of the Australian Imperial Forces, "having joined the' 15th Battalion (a regiment) when 14 years and 8 months old. He spent his fifteenth and sixteenth birthdays in the trenches in France. After three years' active service he returned in 1918.


Five years, ago Mr.' Hilgendorf took up boxing as hobby.,. He met with success, and appeared at the Unley and King's Theatre Stadiums. He began training naval cadets at the Naval Depot Birkenhead, two years ago. He still holds the position of coach. During his term he has interested himself in about 40 young athletes.


As a boy Mr. Hilgendorf was a keen swimmer. He joined Semaphore Swimming Club, of which he is now secretary..: For about 10' years? he was on the committee of the club. He has been' actively connected with, the Port Adelaide and Largs Swimming Clubs. He is a vice-captain of the last mentioned body.


Mr. Hilgendorf is 'especially interested in Semaphore beach patrol, which was inaugurated two years' ago. For the safety of bathers' and frequenters to the beach he considers it an essential body.


The patrol is subsidised by Port Adelaide City Council, £15 a year being granted'. This money utilised  for the  purchase of first aid appliances and medicines.

The original 12 members now control a mile and a half of Beach north and south of Semaphore Jetty. All members have diplomas for lifesaving.


During the two years SemaphoreBeach patrol has been in existence 10 persons have been rescued from the sea, and many people have been treated for minor casualties.


From a boxing point of view Mr. Hilgendorf is interested in Semaphore Carnival. He is on the boxing committee with 'Messrs. J.'"O .C. Brougham and A. Clouston. Proceeds, from the boxing are in aid of Semaphore and Port Adelaide sub-branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial League Australia, of which he is a member.


MR. H. HILGENDORF.well-known Semaphore sportsman


March 30th


Boxing. in South Australia has been at a low ebb for many month. In various parts of the State minor contests have been between local visiting boxers, but it is a long time anything approaching a first-grade battle, as far as South Australia is concerned, has been witnessed.


Jim Tracey, a South African heavy weight, called at "The News" Office a little more than a week ago, and issued a challenge to Ern Waddy, State Heavy weight champion and former holder of the Australian title, but it was not answered.


The trouble seems to be .in. securing a suitable place for a stadium in Adelaide To erect an up to-date structure would require a large sum of money, and. That is another consideration, as it is a apparently hard to find a promoter or promoters who are anxious 'to figure in the undertaking.


Cheesman to  Fight Leslie

Tonight, at the Port Adelaide Town Hall there will be a contest between Les Cheesman and Frank Leslie. Both are smart lads, and the winner will meet Les Geyer, of Port Pirie, for the bantamweight title of, South Australia at Port Adelaide on Friday, April 27.


Leslie is, well ,known :as, a preliminary boxer. When contests were  regularly conducted  in Adelaide, he was one of the most promising boys in the State. In the meantime he has kept training and will enter the ring full of confidence tomorrow night.


Good supporting bouts will be provided. Mr. M. J. Noonan will act as referee. He is a popular third  man, and boxing enthusiast  have full confidence in him.


The proceeds of the tournament will be in aid—of the Funds for the Returned Soldiers 'Clubhouse (Port Adelaide and :Semaphore sub-branch).
News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Friday 30 March 1928, page 10 National Library of Australia


FRANK LESLIE popular Adeiaide bantamweight boxer.


April 12th

At the Semaphore Town Hall on Thursday evening, a welcome home social was given by the Semaphore and Port Adelaide R.S.L. to Dr L. O.Betts (past president), on his return from abroad. "The R.S.and S.L.League" was submitted by Mr. A. O. R, Tapp (ex-Mayor of Port Adelaide), He said it was always a pleasure to be associated with diggers, and Dr. Betts.(Applause)


Mr. R.J.P.Crostran who replied thanked Mr.Tapp for his efforts for the sub-branch and the league. In the branch president (Mr. P.A. Messenger) they had a worthy representitive on the state board.


Mr. A.R. McKay submitted with "Departed Comrades" and the toast was Honoured in silence. Mr. F. H. Herring then recited "Armistice".


"Our guest" Dr. L.O. Betts was proposed by Mr. P.A. Messenger. it gave him unbound pleasure to welcome Dr. Betts back to the state, and particularly to Semaphore. (Applause).


In responce Dr. Betts said he was glad to be back. He felt that he had many freinds at the Semaphore and would always cherrish his association with the Sub-branch (Applause).

"Our Visitor" was proposed by Mr. A.Nichers Item were contributed by the sub-branch Orchestra  Messrs. R. Creston, Mr. P. H. Herring, D. Collier, J. Smith and W.Chapman

Friday 13 April 1928 The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931)


April 24th

The annual Anzac smoke social will be held in the Keswick Drill Hall this evening when Lieut. Col. McCann will preside. 'The League and Anzac Day' will be submitted by the Minister for Repatriation (Hon. J. Cowan) and the president will respond. Mr. R..J. Croston will propose. 'Departed Comrades', which will be honoured in silence. Bugler-Sgt. Harris will sound 'The Last Post' and 'Reveille.' Musical and other items will be provided by the Semaphore and Port Adelaide Sub-branch Orchestra, the Windarra Quartet, and Mr. F. Herring.

Tuesday 24 April 1928 The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929)


May 18th


Segar, who two years or so ago was one of the most promising middle weight boxers in Australia, will reappear tonight, when he will be opposed by Fred Johns in a contest of 20 rounds at: the Port Adelaide Town Hall. Segar has been energetically training. for some weeks, aid he 'expects to enter the ring  at about 11 0. Johns will be- about 6 heavier. 1\r. Jim M-illerick, a, former professional boxer, will- act as- referee, and ~Messrs. J. Brougham and D. Baiber are the joint prormoters.

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Friday 18 May 1928, page 10 National Library of Australia


"PUD" SEGAR who will reappear at Port Adelaide Town Hall tonight. His opponent will be Fred Johns.


May 18th

Before a crowded house another boxing tournament to benefit the funds of the proposed club-house for the Semaphore and Port Adelaide sub-branch of the R.S.L. was conducted at the Port Adelaide Town Hall on Friday evening. Messrs. J. C. Brougham and D. Barber were the promoters and Mr. J. Murray was the referee. The main attraction was a contest between 'Pud' Segar (middle weight champion of South Australia) - and Fred Johns (middle weight champion of Broken Hill).- Fred Johns weighed in at 11st. 8lb and 'Pud' Segar at 10st. 11lb.

The first round was fought In lively fashion; Segar had the longer reach. Clinches were frequent, and the round ended with points fairly even. The contestants worked up more pace in the second and third rounds. In the latter Segar continuously forced his opponent to the ropes. Soon after the start of the fourth round Segar was sent heavily to the boards. Johns broke through the defence, and repeated the performance before  the finish. John went In slashing blows in the fifth round, and many of them found Segar unprepared. The latter was heavily shaken when he took his corner for the rest. In the next  round Segar stopped Johns's rush with well directed blows to the jaw. But they vary  of insufficient force to have any impression. Segar commenced the following round with renewed vigor, and from a clinch went in a heavy body punch, flooring his adversary. Johns received most of the blows, and that round was easily Segar’s. The eighth round saw both men fighting with more determination. Johns was knocked down. The referee commenced to count, and Johns remained kneeling on one knee. As he had not fully risen when the count was finished Segar was declared the winner.


A section of the crowd mooted the referee, and would not allow him a hearing. An official announced that the fight would be continued. Then he said that he did not know where the men were, and the fight was finished.


Tom Sawford (7,6) and Micky Johnson (7,9) gave a creditable display, Johnson was superior.


Angus Eosa (9.0) was matched against Sorra Butterfield (9.0). In the third round Butterfield  was Put to the boards and remained down until the count of nine. The referee declared in favour of Butterfield, who won bv a point.

'Stranger' Bennett' (11.1) met Les Craigie (11.4). When, the first term was concluded Bennett' stated that he could not proceed, as his hand had been injured, The  fight was then given to Craigie.

'Pony' Moore and V. David gave a three round exhibition.

Saturday 19 May 1928 The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929)


July 2nd


The annual meeting of the Semaphore Carnival Committee was held at Evan Court Cafe. Semaphore, on Monday evening.  Alderman J. Clouston presided over a large gathering. The balance-sheet showed a credit balance of £188. The adoption of the balance-sheet was proposed by the mayor (Mr. F. J. Brown), and was supported by Alderman Clouston. The motion was carried unanimously. It was decided to hold a 'back-to-Semaphore' week, and all those present were elected as a committee. It was moved that the proceeds derived from the carnival should be devoted to the Semaphore foreshore improvements. Officers elected : Chairman of the general committee. Alderman J. Clouston: vice chairman. Mr. P. A. Messenger: secretary. Mr. L. T. McGregor; assistant secretary and treasurer, Mr. N. T. Fricker.
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Tuesday 2 July 1929, page 21


ALD. J. H. CLOUSTON chairman of the committee arranging the Back to Seinaphore carnival to be held early next year.


MR. L. C. McGREGOR secretary of Back to Semaphore carnival committee.



July 18th

In a little more than three months  the Semaphore sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers' League should be established in comfortable clubrooms in a new building, which is being erected alongside the Semaphore Hall , near the railway-station. The foundation stone was laid on Saturday afternoon by the Mayor of Port Adelaide (Mr. F. J. Brown), in the presence of a large gathering, including representatives of soldier and kindred organisations, members of the Port Adelaide Council, and the district Parllamentary members. The Port Adelaide Municiple band played selections.


The hall is being built in conjunction with the remodelling of the old institute building, in front of which two shops are to be erected. two dome ceilings are to be put in, and a commodious lounge and dress circle. the floor will slope towards the front, where there is to be a massive proscenium, with 40-ft arch diminished to 28 ft. The new building is 130 ft deep an 37 ft wide. On the ground floor the library, subscribers and public reading rooms will be established, with supper-room and other conveniences. The Top floor will contain a billiards-room, secretarys office, kitchen and conveniencesm, the portion being a soldiers' hall 64 ft deep, capable of accomadating 379 persons. The main structure will be brick, and the front Medusa cement. the ornamentation will include two representations of the millitary rising-sun crest. The architect is Mr. C. A. Smith, and the contractors are Messrs, T. Silver and G. Ollrich.


The Mayor was introduced by the president of the Semaphore sub-branch of the R.S.L. ( Mr. P. A. Messenger ), who said the establishment in a home of their own was a mile stone in the progress of the sub-branch. It was a facility which should have been established years ago, and he thanked all who had worked hard for its erection.


Mr. Brown expressed his appreciation of the honour confered on him by the council, and said he would cherrish the silver trowel which the contractors had given him as a memento of one of the most pleasant offices he had performed as mayor. He traced the history of the clubroom movement, from a proposal of eight or nine years ago, to secure a hall in Dale-street, to its final issue that day. The whole first floor would be set aside for the use of returned soldiers.


A number of documents, newspapers and coins were placed under the stone, after which  Mr. Messenger moved a vote of thanks to the Mayor. The official and invited guests then went into the institute for afternoon tea, the mayor presiding.

Monday 20 July 1929 The Cronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931)



November 11th

The Mayor of Port Adelaide (Mr. F. J. Brown) and members of the council at the Semaphore War Memorial, where they laid floral tributes.

Tuesday 12 November 1929 The Register News-Pictorial (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931)

12 Nov 1929 - Armistice Day Solemnly

Two wharf labourers at Port Adelaide, stand in silence in memory of the heroic dead.

Tuesday 12 November 1929 The Register News-Pictorial (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931)

12 Nov 1929 - walfies


November 30



Work on the two structures is almost completed. The Soldiers' Memorial Hall at the right will be used as clubrooms by Semaphore-sub-branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial League, and also as the local branch of Port Adelaide Institute.' Mr. P. A. Messenger (branch president) will open the rooms next Saturday.

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Saturday 30 November 1929, page 5



December 5th


L -Messrs. E.Grant Walsh (art decorator), Chris. A. Smith (archii:cct), and T. Silver of Silver & Ollrich (contractors). They were also responsible for the erection of the Soldiers' Memorial Hall adjoining. The town hall has been leased by Ozone Theatree Limited, and, beginning on Monday, talkie programmes will be given.
News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Thursday 5 December 1929, page 22



December 7th

Returned soldiers and citizens of Semaphore saw the reward of many months' hard work on Saturday, when their fine new memorial was opened. The president of the Semaphore and Port Adelaide branch of the R.S.L, Is presented with a gold key by the hon. secretary before opening the door

Monday 9 December 1929 The Register News-Pictorial (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931)

09 Dec 1929 opening edit



December 26th

Semaphore and Port Adelaide sub-branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial League of Australia has chosen Mr. Allan Morford Bickers as its president for 1930. He will assume office in succession to Mr. P. A. Messenger on Wednesday.


Mr. Bickers was born at Curramulka (Yorke's Peninsula) 34 years ago. His father Mr. T. J. Bickers, a well-known agriculturist, was for a number of years chairman of Minlaton District Council. Mr. A. M. Bickers was educated at Lefevre's Peninsula and Adelaide High Schools. He entered the Customs Department as a youth, and is now a wharf examining officer at Port Adelaide.

At the age of 19 years he enlisted; and saw service in Egypt and France with the 32nd Battalion. He returned in 1919, and re-entered the Customs service. For several years he was a State branch councillor in the Commonwealth Public Service Clerical Association, representing the Customs Department.


He was a foundation member of the department sub-branch of the league, and on its disbandment joined Semaphore and Port Adelaide. sub-branch. He was on the committee for 18 months, and has been a vice-president for two years.


His chief hobby is swimming. He is a foundation member of Largs Amateur Swimming Club and its associated beach patrol. He has been president for the past three years and is assistant handicapper to South Australian Amateur Swimming Association.


Mr. Bickers hopes that the fine memorial hall and clubhouse will attract members to his sub-branch.

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Thursday 26 December 1929, page 6 National Library of Australia





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