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Blog - 9 July

9 Jul 2020 12:26 PM | Julie

President’s Blog

Hello to all our members we hope you are keeping safe and well during these challenging times of COVID-19 restrictions.

President’s Resignation

This month’s President’s Blog is coming to you from your Committee as we have to bring you the sad news that our Club President Colin Johns has had to resign his position early due to his personal work commitments and having to work away from Adelaide.  Colin has been a tireless worker and organizer around our Club for the past four or more years.  Colin has assured us that he will be back at the Club when work commitments permit.  In the interim our Vice-Presidents Derek Meadows and Shane Edmonds will take over the reins for the short term.

Club re-opening

Most of you would now be aware that the Club has re-opened after the mandatory close-down due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Whilst a number of restrictions remain in place, we are permitted to operate to almost normal levels.  There are still restrictions regarding social distancing (1.5 metres), one person per two square metres maximum (to determine capacity), no dancing etc.  We look forward to seeing you back at the Club soon.

Member’s Draws

The committee decided to suspend Member’s draws whilst our numbers were limited, therefore not enabling everybody into the Club for the draw.  We now believe that at 117 people plus staff allowed into the Club we would re-introduce the Member’s draw this Friday night.  It was also decided to give more people a chance to win a prize, so we have broken the jackpot down to four lots of $250 each.  Each draw must be won and will be drawn until a Financial Member claims the prize.  All names drawn in the first round will be put back in the draw for each subsequent draw.  The draws will take place every half an hour from 6:30pm, be there to win.

Annual General Meeting

Derek and Shane will act as President for the short term as it is our Annual General Meeting this coming Saturday the 11th July and we would like to encourage you all to come along and take this opportunity to elect new office bearers and committee members.  Derek and/or Shane will act as Chair for the AGM until the election of new officers.

Proxy Voting

As most of you would be aware only Service Members can vote for the office bearer positions of President, and Vice President(s), due to the League’s desire to protect our older and more vulnerable Service Members during the Coronavirus pandemic a ruling has been applied for this year to allow Service Members to vote via a proxy vote.  A Service Member can nominate another Service Member to vote on his/her behalf at this year’s AGM.  The Service Member must complete the proxy voting form which can be obtained from the Club or we can send via email if required.  Each Service Member attending the AGM can only place their vote and a vote for one other Service Member that has nominated him/her as their proxy.  Remember all the normal rules apply to Service Members wishing to vote, that includes; current financial member, member of the Sub-Branch, member for at least 3 months et al.  Proxy voting is only available for the election of President and Vice-President(s) and for this year only.

Kitchen (Gallipoli Grill) Update

During the COVID shut down the Committee elected to undertake some very necessary upgrades of the kitchen.  Given the focus on hygiene the first upgrade was to replace the dishwasher and bring this up to current standards.  We also removed the old wooden cupboards, replaced the floor, then because we had to move them for the floor replacement, we also replaced the oven and two deep fryers.  A quick couple of coats of paint, a new tap, new legs on the benchtops and hey presto you have a new kitchen!  A great job done by all those that volunteered.  Have a look when your next at the Club, but don’t get in Steve’s way, he and the team have been really flat-out lately, a testament to the great food that they have been serving up to us.  If you haven’t tried the food at the Gallipoli Grill, do yourself a favor and book soon.

Thank you all for your support over these difficult times, we look forward to seeing you back at the Club soon, please try to make it along to the Friday night Member’s draw and the AGM, both this coming weekend.

Kind regards,

Your Sub-Branch Committee

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